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Ag More Than Ever ambassadors

  • Pamela Ganske
    Pamela works in the inputs business in Wetaskiwin, AB. She's committed to speaking up and supporting the industry that has offered her so much.
  • Chelsea Boonstra
    Chelsea is a full time sales agronomist, and part time grain and dairy farmer from Meadows, MB. She loves sharing her passion for ag to inspire others.
  • Natacha Lagarde
    Natacha is a syrup producer and blogger from Lac-Etchemin, QC. Co-founder of, agriculture is her profession, lifestyle and passion.

Instagram ambassadors

  • Caitey MacLeod
    Caitey MacLeod
    Caitey is a mom, dairy farmer and photographer in Southwestern Ontario. She loves to capture the everyday moments and memories that come along with raising three young children on the farm.
  • Will Bergmann
    Will Bergmann
    Will farms with his family south of Winnipeg, MB. He's a jack-of-all-trades who uses social media to help consumers understand where their food comes from, and to show what modern day farmers look like.
  • Terri Huxley
    Terri Huxley
    Terri is a fifth-generation farm kid from Orkney, AB. She's passionate about telling ag's story and is working on a project about women in agriculture and the significant roles that they play.
  • Nathan Jones
    Nathan Jones
    Nathan is a photographer who grew up on a farm near Speers, SK. He's interested in exploring food systems by creating photos that give voice to the men and women of ag.