Why doesn’t Ag More Than Ever speak to consumers?

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From time to time, we’re asked why Agriculture More Than Ever doesn’t speak directly to consumers. There are a numbers of reasons we focus on supporting farmers, ag groups and organizations, and everyone who works in the industry.

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Canadian ag speaks up

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Ag More Than Ever’s latest video features people from across the country and the agriculture industry coming together to add their voice to the food conversation.

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Roots of our community

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What does Red Deer Chamber of Commerce president Gayle Langford love best about agriculture? The sense of community, caring and […]

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Ag proud and optimistic

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Canada’s Outdoor Farm Show team lead, Stefanie Nagelschmitz, shares her story with us. She’s proud, optimistic, and she couldn’t imagine […]

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7 strategies for talking with consumers

All of a sudden you find yourself in a conversation about farming with someone who’s not a farmer – perhaps at a party or a community event. Will you be prepared?

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