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Saskatchewan Ag More Than Ever partners come together for a month-long celebration of agriculture.

Agvocates are always looking for ways to promote and talk positively about agriculture. So when you’re given a designated month celebrating the industry, you make the most of it. That’s exactly what Ag More Than Ever partner Farm & Food Care Saskatchewan (FFC SK) did when the Province of Saskatchewan declared October Agriculture Month.

“This is a golden opportunity for communities to come together in a province-wide effort to celebrate the immense variety of food we produce here and the farmers and ranchers who put so much care into growing it,” said Adele Buettner, CEO of FFC SK.

FFC SK’s mission is to help consumers get to know more about the food they eat – where it comes from, how it is grown and the people who produce it – so leading Ag Month celebrations was a natural fit. “Today, only 2 per cent of Canadians have a direct link to the farm,” said Buettner, “so it’s important that we help connect consumers to their food and how it’s produced.”

Some of their activities included:

  • working with Federated Co-operatives Ltd. (another Ag More Than Ever partner), to distribute 350,000 copies of Real Dirt on Farming Saskatchewan digest at Co-op Food Stores
  • circulating 44,000 more Real Dirt on Farming digests in the Saskatchewan Ministry of Agriculture’s AGRIVIEW magazine (also another Ag More Than Ever partner!)
  • providing “farm fact” placemats to restaurants throughout the province
  • developing a LoveSASKfood kit to help community groups celebrate ag in their region

These efforts are a great example of partners agvocating together. FFC SK, the Saskatchewan Ministry of Ag and Federated Co-operatives collaborated to create a larger impact than each could have made on their own – that’s the power of partnership. And you don’t need a designated month to do it. Look for partners or other agvocates in your area, leverage opportunities and work together to find the most effective channels you can use to share your positive messages about our great industry. With a little effort and a lot of passion you can turn “Ag Month” into “Ag Every Day of the Year”!

Learn more about Farm & Food Care Saskatchewan at farmfoodcaresk.org.

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