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Why is it important to be ag proud?

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We recently asked our Instagram followers to share why they’re proud to be part of Canadian agriculture. The response was amazing!

Family pride

“Being a 6th generation Canadian farmer, it’s hard not to be #CdnAg #AgProud. My ancestors came to Canada in 1838 and started farming the concession block we still live on in 1839. They cleared the stumps off the land that has since fed thousands of people for over 100 years… What’s not to be proud of?”@farmertanterror


“Proud to be a part of the #cdnag team that produces food for the world. It’s not always an easy lifestyle but it’s one that I’m proud to be a part of. Watching my son learn to drive his dad’s combine and seeing his chest fill with pride afterward is pretty awesome.”@swt_maggie

Work ethic, resilience and the honour of providing Canadians with safe and healthy food

“I’m proud that my family works so hard to provide healthy food for Canadians, even through challenging times we get to work and keep moving forward, and so do the rest of Canadian farmers. We all have reasons to be #AgProud@rachaelverwey5

I am #AgProud because I took over when my dad’s eyesight went suddenly, and learned with help to do it on my own and now hope to continue it.” @meagrothwell

“I am proud to be involved in Canadian ag because there are many people who learn the truth about how their food is raised because of me. Secondly, there are countless people that have ideas and viewpoints that I can learn and benefit from. But most of all, I am so honoured to have a reputation of the work ethic of a ‘farm kid’. I am proud that others before me have created such a legacy that I can help uphold. These are the reasons that I am #AgProud @morgan_lehman

Love and admiration for the industry

“Being an elementary teacher in the city, I’m taking as many opportunities as I can to learn about Canadian agriculture and how to incorporate it into our classroom. I’m a proud Little Green Thumb gardener and am looking forward to some professional development this month as I go on a 3-day farm expedition with Agriculture in the Classroom. #cdnag@jenn_leach

I am proud to be member of the ‘invisible’ part of #harvest17. The members who make the meals, move equipment and people, run to the dealership for parts, and keep the laundry done”@mbamamamusings

“I am #AgProud because I am a 5th generation farmer with a 5,000-acre crop farm and I love farming. Without farming I don’t know what I would or anyone else would do. Farming is so important to all and I am #AgProud to be a part of this hard but amazing life and job” – @willanderson7869

Continue to share your story

When you work in Canadian agriculture, you’re part of a rich history that dates back to before Canada was even founded. But it’s not just the past. There’s many good reasons to have optimism for where we’re headed.

Today, people are more curious than ever about where food comes from and how it’s produced. Sharing your ag pride with people outside of agriculture helps build public confidence that we produce safe, healthy and affordable food for their families and ours.

It’s important to reflect on the reasons we chose to be part of Canadian agriculture. By sharing your ag pride within the industry, you can help inspire others to by part of the conversation by sharing their own #AgProud story.

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