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Why doesn’t Ag More Than Ever speak to consumers?

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From time to time, we’re asked why Agriculture More Than Ever doesn’t speak directly to consumers. There are a numbers of reasons we focus on supporting farmers, ag groups and organizations, and everyone who works in the industry.

It’s not hard to believe that most people trust recommendations and advice from their friends and family more than companies. But, did you know a recent survey conducted by the Canadian Centre for Food Integrity shows that consumers trust farmers more than doctors, researchers, teachers, and substantially more than food retailers? And, their impression of farmers has become even more favourable over the last 10 years. This is why Ag More Than Ever supports and encourages farmers and people who work in the industry to be agvocates.

Ag More Than Ever provides resources, information and support to everyone in the industry, so they can speak to consumers as the face and voice for agriculture. After all, creating a positive perception of Canadian agriculture and shaping people’s relationship with food is a big job that can’t be done by a few people. All of us in the industry need to work together. In fact, we partner closely with Agriculture in the Classroom and Farm & Food Care to make sure we’re reaching specific audiences inside and outside of the agriculture industry.

Agriculture in the Classroom focuses on youth and promoting ag education and awareness in schools across Canada. Farm & Food Care focuses on engaging the public and providing credible information to help them make informed decisions about food and how it’s produced.

As an agvocate, you have a voice as a farmer or individual who works in ag, and you’re also a consumer in the food conversation. You are essential in building trust with people outside of ag. By being involved – whether your participating on social media, volunteering at events, speaking in classrooms, hosting farm tours or involved in other activities – you’ll help generate greater awareness about ag and help consumers draw a closer connection to where their food comes from and the people who produce it.

As agvocates and partners, you have the ability to reach many different groups of people and to make an impact. By sharing our collective voice, we can amplify our message to reshape public perceptions and boost confidence in Canadian agriculture and food. So, continue to be somebody who does something – speak up and encourage your friends and family to join the conversation as well!

We’re here to support you in your agvocacy journey. If you’re not already, sign up to be an agvocate – we’ll send you monthly emails with tips on how to be an agvocate. Also, check out our resources to share with your ag and non-ag networks, and to watch webinars to learn about agvocacy from industry experts.

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