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Webinar: Taking stock – speaking up for Canada’s livestock industry

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Ag More Than Ever presents: Taking stock – speaking up for Canada’s livestock industry with Leigh Rosengren, DVM, PhD.

The livestock and poultry industries are popular topics in food conversations – this gives agvocates a great opportunity to engage in meaningful dialogue with the general public. Those of us in the industry can play a powerful role in ensuring these industries are accurately depicted and understood. In this webinar, Leigh Rosengren focuses of the hot-button issues surrounding livestock and poultry, and gives you the tips and tools you need to be an ag-proud part of the conversation.

Leigh Rosengren is a veterinarian, epidemiologist and cattle producer living and working in Saskatchewan. In 2007, Leigh established Rosengren Epidemiology Consulting Ltd, which helps Canada’s livestock and poultry industries address infectious disease and food safety challenges. Leigh is based in Midale, SK, where she and her husband run a grain and cow-calf operation, and raise their 3 children.

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