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Videos are an engaging way to tell your story, educate people about the industry and share your ag pride with the world.

The online world in increasingly becoming the place to start or join conversations, offer your opinion and tell your story. Videos in particular provide an amazing opportunity for people in ag to showcase their operation and educate people about the industry. And, with simple, user-friendly cameras, smartphones and editing programs, it’s easier than ever to create a quality video.

For Jay Schultz and Brady Sproat, videos were a great way to document and share their respective growing seasons with the world and create a nice memento for family and friends (check out their videos below). “Videos are a great way to remember the machinery and people that helped that year, says Jay. “Farming changes so fast and it was great to just have a reminder of that.”

Making a video a priority in an already busy day can be challenging – it can be time-consuming, especially when you use different camera angles or mounts. “I have a lot of ideas on shots I’d like to have but once things get busy those ideas become forgotten,” says Brady.

Fortunately, once you have the shots the editing process itself is not as daunting as it once was. “If you can navigate around a computer easily you should be able to figure out an editing program given a bit of time,” says Jay. “The programs are typically fairly intuitive for basic functions.”

“Creating the video itself was fairly easy,” says Brady, “I just played around with the editing program until I figured out its capabilities.”

The response Jay and Brady have received to their videos has made the effort worth it. “When I go to ag shows, people usually comment that they loved the video,” says Jay, “I have learned that a short little video can make its way around the world. It’s really surprising where its being watched – places like Ukraine, Brazil, Africa, France and the Philippines.”

“The response was very positive,” says Brady. “One guy even used it as a resource for some Ag in the Classroom work he was doing out in Moose Jaw. All the comments were very positive and people thought it was very cool.”

Thinking of making your own ag-related video? Here are a few tips that Jay and Brady shared to help make it a success:

• Before you start shooting think about the story you want to tell and the point you want to make. This will help you make shooting decisions as you go.
• Make sure to save your video throughout the editing process.
• Posting your video online? Be sure to familiarize yourself with the copyright guidelines of the site you’re posting to – using copyrighted music or images can get your video blocked.
• Take as many shots as you can – it’s better to have more to work with when you’re editing.

Schultz Farms

Sproat Farms

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