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Ag for Life is bringing the industry to all Albertans

Maintaining and fostering Canadian ag’s bright future takes a collective effort to educate and engage people both in and out of the industry. It’s no small task, but Ag for Life is tackling it head on.

Out of Alberta, Ag for Life is a group of corporations, not-for-profits, farmers, ranchers and community leaders working together to spread the love of ag throughout the province. “We deliver educational programming that improves farm safety and also builds an understanding and appreciation for the value ag has in every one of our lives.” says Ag for Life CEO, David Sprague.

Their programs also aim to shrink the rural-urban knowledge gap and create a strong, sustainable ag sector. By offering specific programs that target youth and adults, as well as urban and rural people, they are reaching a wide cross section of Albertans with a positive ag message. It’s a goal that’s also close to our hearts and we’re happy that they’re an Ag More Than Ever partner. It’s exciting to see the great things that happen when people in ag come together to promote the industry we all love.

For more information, watch the video below and visit agricultureforlife.ca.

If you’re interested in becoming an Ag More Than Ever partner, visit our Partners page.

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