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Our new video explores why everyone in agriculture needs to be involved in the food conversation, and how we can help. It’s an important message to share.

All of us in agriculture need to be an active voice in the food conversation to ensure the perceptions and expectations of our industry are accurate and understood. Being an ‘active voice’ can take many forms, from sharing other people’s agvocacy, to spearheading your own initiatives. What’s important is that we take, and make, every opportunity to stand up and speak up for the industry we love, and we can do it on our own terms.

That’s why we created this video; it’s an important message that bears repeating, and sharing. So please share it on your social feeds and with the people in your life. Sharing positive ag messages and stories is a simple and effective way to get involved, and we’ve included step-by-step instructions on how to share this video below. Together, we can help shape Canadians’ relationship with agriculture and the food they eat.

Share this video

  1. Copy the link below (“Ctrl” + “C” on your keyboard, or highlight the link, right click on your mouse and select “copy”):
  2. You can now paste the link into Twitter or Facebook, or in an email (“Ctrl” + “V” on your keyboard, or highlight the link, right click on your mouse and select “paste”).
  3. Add some context to your Tweet, Facebook post or email, something like, “It’s important to speak up for ag. This video explains why.”, or “Check out this great video about speaking up for ag!”. If possible, include the hashtag #AgMoreThanEver on your social media posts.


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