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How we came together for Canada’s Agriculture Day in 2018

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Last year, the first-ever Canada’s Agriculture Day was big. For 2018, we went bigger.

And once again, the response was outstanding. Together, we celebrated the food we love and made amazing connections with people outside of agriculture.

Celebrations went from coast-to coast:

Farmers took a moment to celebrate from the farm:

These two love farming almost as much as they love each other, and that’s a whole heck of a lot! ♥️ Happy Canada’s Agriculture Day. A day to celebrate the hard working Canadians behind the scenes of your morning bowl of cereal, glass of milk, lunchtime hamburger, afternoon yogurt, that 4pm latte to get you thru to bedtime, and that home cooked meal that brings your family together every night. Here’s to the farmers, who in the face of adversity (and it comes in many forms in this day in age of social media) continues to proudly stand by their passion. The farmers that are up before the sun, work tirelessly throughout the day in all weather conditions and into the night to tend to their herds. Work the land. Welcome new life. And everything in between. Here’s to you, Canadian Agriculture. 🇨🇦♥️🐄🐂🐑🐓🐖🌾🌱🌽 #cdnagday #agmorethanever • • • • • • #candidchildhood #childhoodunplugged #childrenseemagic #magicofchildhood #my_magical_moments #pixel_kids #clickinmoms #momtogs #cameramamas #agriculture #cdnag #farm_snaps #thesugarjar #country_features #dayslikethisagphotos #dairyfarm #farmlife #farm365

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People outside of ag got talking:

Some big names weighed in:


Agvocates wrote to blog posts:

Everyone in the industry appreciated and celebrated:

Surendra Bhattarai is a Plant Science PhD student in the College of Agriculture at @usask. Here he is holding a disc that he prepared by grinding alfalfa. #onthebeamlines His work focuses on how to develop better varieties of the forage crop, which is a main feed source for the $12-billion Canadian beef and dairy industries. As the number of acres on the Prairies affected by salinity grows, developing saline-tolerant alfalfa becomes more important. . #CdnAgDay #alfafa #cdnag #agmorethanever

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There was even a live milking demo!

Agvocates shared facts:

They visited schools:

Challenges were made; challenges were accepted:

Fun ensued:

Agvocates celebrated around the world:

You made the news:

You made a big splash on social media:

And of course, what’s a party without food?

We sure had the ag proud feels all day. How about you? Let keep it going! You can celebrate and engage in meaningful conversations all year long!

 The future of our industry is bright! Thanks  for joining the celebration and sharing your story.

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