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Fill Facebook with Canadian ag photos

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If you’re an active Facebook user, you may have noticed a recent “challenge” on your newsfeed, encouraging people to share one photo of agriculture and tag other friends to do the same.

The goal of this challenge is to fill Facebook with ag photos, and many of the posts are doing much more than that by creating an engaging way to share a story and build trust in food and farming practices. Perhaps you’ve already been nominated and taken the challenge.

Participating in a challenge like this is a fun way to demonstrate your passion for agriculture, connect with people outside of the industry and start a conversation about the role you play in producing food. Everyone has friends and family who are less familiar with Canadian ag, and Facebook is a wonderful place to connect with them. Even your friends within the industry who may not be familiar with your sector could learn a thing or two!

Here are five quick tips to make the most of this agvocate opportunity:

  1. Consider your audience. What might they not know about your farm? What would be interesting to them? What do you think they might have questions about?
  2. Be sure to include a description of your photo. What might be self-explanatory to you might not tell the whole story with someone less connected to agriculture.
  3. Avoid ag-related jargon. It might be second-nature to talk about a heifer or inoculant, but would your non-ag friends understand what that means?
  4. Stay positive and speak from the heart. Authenticity is key, so be yourself. People will connect better with your story if you can demonstrate that you care about the same things they do, and by sharing why you choose to do things a certain way helps to create new perspective.
  5. Look for opportunities to start a conversation – Ask your friends a question in your post, or invite people to ask you questions in order to increase discussion about the photo.

Have fun and let’s keep the momentum going!


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