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Canadian ag speaks up

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Ag More Than Ever’s latest video features people from across the country and the agriculture industry coming together to add their voice to the food conversation.

Being an agvocate is about adding your voice to the food conversation in positive, engaging and relatable ways. If you’re in ag, it’s your responsibility to speak up and get involved, on your terms and in ways that work for you. Everyone in ag is somebody – so be somebody that does something.

That ask was at the core of our new campaign, which kicked off with the video below. Armed with a selfie stick, a script and a passion to get involved, agvocates from across the country shot and submitted their own clips, which were edited together to create a piece that is equal parts invitation and rallying cry. Everyone in ag needs to add their face and voice to the food conversation so consumers see us not just as an industry, but as real people who share the same concerns about food they do. Transparency builds trust and trust will allow our industry to grow and feed the world. It starts with us, so let’s get started.

Thank you to all the agvocates who participated in the video and everyone who has become a voice in the food conversation. Together, we are creating a positive future for our industry.

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