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Awareness about Ag More Than Ever is growing

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Ag More Than Ever recently conducted a survey* to see how far the cause has come since launching four years ago. The results prove the work that agvocates and partners are doing is making a real difference.

Awareness of the cause has increased to 50% in 2016 from 29% in 2013. And we’re seeing very positive spin-offs from this – 78% of people familiar with the cause are sharing positive messages about agriculture through in-person interactions and more than 80% are engaged in social media.

People are talking to their family, friends and co-workers about what they do and all the positive things happening in the industry. They are also reaching out to the public by giving presentations, hosting tours of their operations, participating in social media and volunteering for events or in classrooms with students. These are all excellent ways to reach out to the public and educate them about agriculture and food.

Continue to speak up

Creating a positive perception of Canadian agriculture is a big job. All of us in the industry need to continue working together.

How each of us portrays the industry to family, friends and consumers influences what they think about ag and the message they share with others. Whether it’s having a conversation at the grocery store, posting photos or sharing stories on social media, it all makes a difference.

Thank you to all agvocates and partners for adding your voice to the food conversation. Every positive interaction you have helps to build consumer confidence and public trust in what we do and how we do it.

* This survey was conducted in April 2016 with 2,699 participants.

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