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Young essay winners speak out about speaking up

Canadian ag has a bright future that will rely on the industry’s next generation to keep it bright. Youth are an important voice in the Canadian ag conversation and the Canadian Charolais Youth Association (CCYA) is helping these voices be heard.

CCYA’s main objective is to develop youth involvement in the breeding, raising, and promotion of Charolais cattle, and unite youth from across Canada. Their annual essay contest is one way they engage youth to explore and discuss topics important to ag. This year they asked entrants, “What can you do to promote the positive face of agriculture?” It’s a topic close to our hearts at Ag More Than Ever, and the insightful answers from the winners show a real optimism for ag and a strong understanding of the need to promote the industry to the world. Here are just a few excerpts:

What would our country look like if everyone valued agriculture as much as those whose life is dedicated to it? This could easily happen if farmers were openly proud of where they come from, proud of what they do, and maintain a positive outlook on the future of agriculture.
– Shelby, 16 years old

There is no one better to promote the positive face of agriculture than the people who are proud to be in it and with a little luck and a proper attitude, everything you see about agriculture in the future will be positive.
– Megan, 20 years old

I’m proud to be a part of agriculture and I think that’s where it all starts. Being happy and proud to be a part of something so enormous will reflect in everything you do and promoting it will be the easy part!
– Raelynne, 15 years old

By promoting agriculture on a world scale, local level, and personal level, the entire industry will benefit from a much more positive image.
– Shae-Lynn, 18 years old

We’ve posted the complete essays of all six winners here. If you would like to learn more about the CCYA and their programs, visit their website.

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