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Young Farmers

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I hear a lot that you can’t be a farmer or rancher unless you inherit a farm or ranch. It’s just not true! My wish is for young people to know it can be done and an easy access place so they can find out how.

My husband and I moved to the BC Peace River District in 2002, with not a whole lot to our names – 25 cows, a small horse trailer, a pickup and an old tractor. With a lot of hard work (on and off the ranch), and friendly neighbors and friends we have, 10 years later, made a viable ranch with little to no off-farm work. Today with our four children we run over 300 mother cows and 100 yearling heifers. Throw in some sheep and horses and sometimes pigs, we have the lifestyle we were aiming for. We’ve made it through droughts and BSE and yes we have a mortgage too! We advocate the beef industry as much as possible and utilize the programs available to us. I’m happy to say there are a couple more producers out there because of our encouragement and knowledge of the programs.

We are proud of our beef, our lifestyle and our fellow producers.

How do you speak up for Canadian ag?

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