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Working closely with farmers is rewarding

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As someone who has had many jobs in the agriculture industry, I believe there is none more interesting, exciting, and rewarding than working closely with farmers and supporting them through their growing season. And that’s what working for an independent ag retail is all about.

It is also exciting and rewarding knowing that what our farmers are producing is feeding people around the world, that we are helping support global food production.

The ag retail industry can be very high stress, but assisting a farmer in growing a great crop and getting as much out of every acre as possible is very rewarding. There is something about growing and producing something that is benefiting the world that makes the hard work and dedication worthwhile.

To say we are ag retail sounds like all we do is sell products, but while we do sell products, an independent ag retail is so much more. We partner with our farm clients to find the right products and solutions for their farms. We continually gain knowledge on the things that could affect their success and try to help them through whatever comes their way. We do research and run local trials to show our farmers what products and technologies work best in their areas.

We also take on the responsibility of providing farmers with products that support good environmental practices as well as produce food with proper nutritional value. All of these things are determined by the products that farmers choose, and we can help them determine how to produce a crop with the best value for our world.

We are a farmer’s support structure. We are not only product suppliers to our farm clients, but partners in growing millions more bushels!

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