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What I value about agriculture

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I grew up on a farm and this is what I know:
• Strong family connections. We worked hard celebrating accomplishments with a home cooked meal in the farmhouse kitchen.
• I learned to be a team player. In the sandy fields of Norfolk County we grew labour intensive crops and had lots of hired help, and with teamwork we completed the harvest.
• I learned what makes people “tick.” Harvest crews came and went. I have fond memories of many different folks.
• Learning from mistakes. I remember the day I put gas in the diesel tractor. Lucky for me, my father noticed before I turned the key.
• A feeling of accomplishment, standing in a pack barn filled with the season’s produce – the result of determination.
• The largest nuisance – ground-hogs !
• Grandparents always showed up with a smile, grabbed a rake or a broom and joined along with the work. Oma’s baking was best. I can still smell her apple pie.
• I learned about entrepreneurship, picking apples from the orchard, selling them from a small road-side stand – my early introduction to the customer experience.
• As kids, running under the irrigation gun, a trip down to the pond on a hot summer day and a swing in the tree, this was our theme park.
• We had the same yet we had more…
• Agriculture: its fun, its flourishing, it’s our future.

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