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What has the agriculture industry given you?

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Growing up on a small beef farm in the Ottawa Valley was the best blessing to this girl that no one could have ever known was coming.

From a young age growing up with a close family on the farm I was taught the ups and downs of life, dedication, work ethic but most importantly developed a passion for what my life now revolves around.

I started my 4-H career at a young age of 10 years old not knowing what one little commitment would turn into. My grandfather bought me my first cow/calf pair in 2007 of which I have built my small herd from, since then my grandfather has passed but my love for my cows has grown tremendously. I owe it to the 4-H association and my leaders for making the ten years I was involved with 4-H some of the best years of my life. It was a social environment that allowed me to connect with fellow ag enthusiasts that shared the same passion. I have made countless new relationships and memories that I will carry for a lifetime.

I can thank the agriculture industry for teaching me responsibility, the value of hard work, the value of money, life and death and the value of friendships along with a close family. I can thank the agriculture industry for my job I had throughout high school and throughout college. I also thank the industry for helping choose my college career of four years, because who wouldn’t want to purse all of the opportunities the agriculture industry has to offer? I can thank the agriculture industry for everything that I have become and most importantly the job I love to go to every single day.

As my passion seems to advance day after day being involved with this industry I feel as though it is my job to give back, to promote how much this industry has to offer, how many opportunities await and most importantly what a sense of pride can be obtained. I believe it is our job to educationally inform others about the greatness of this fine industry that we are all passionate about.

Why are you proud to be in this industry? Are you promoting it?

How do you speak up for Canadian ag?

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