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Growing up on a grain farm in St. Gregor, Saskatchewan, I saw a daily routine throughout the spring and fall as: wake up, go to school and spend the whole day thinking about getting off the bus and heading out to the farm to get as much time as possible in the tractor… that was the life! It is interesting to think the love I and every other farmer have for getting into the tractor and tending to the land.  This passion and dedication at a young age was the spring board to the curling career I now enjoy.

As I grew older and started to find and pursue my passion for curling, I realized how much hard work and dedication it was going to take to be at the top of the game.  We had a mindset that we wanted to be the best and would do anything to get it done.  This mindset, I can firmly say was engrained in us at a young age due to our commitments and work that was needed to help the family farm be successful.

Team Laycock now sits 5th ranked Curling team in the world and the 2015 Brier Bronze Medalists for Saskatchewan; that is something I am extremely proud of.  That being said, every day we wake up and dedicate ourselves to becoming better and hopefully one day winning an Olympic Gold Medal and Brier Championship for Saskatchewan. I am a firm believer that the skills of extreme work ethic, dedication, commitment and teamwork all stemmed from helping our family farm prosper. It was on the farm that these characteristics of high performance were rooted and allowed to blossom.

Agriculture has given me so much over my life, a professional career, numerous supporting companies for our Olympic pursuit and too many friends and family to count.  Agriculture, like curling has been a part of my life since I was born and I would not have my life without either.  Ag More Than Ever is a great opportunity for this industry. As a group we need to make sure we are mitigating misinformation and bring to the forefront the dedication and passion the people in agriculture have.  It is not just about “a job”; it is a lifestyle and each and every one of us believe in doing the right thing as part of that lifestyle for this planet and the people that inhabit it.

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The team talking to a group of kids at the Decisive Farming CurlingVille presented by Crescent Point Energy.  Wilkie Curling Club was the grand prize winner of a day with the team, teaching kids about the game and hard-work.  Decisive Farming sponsored a meal that saw proceeds support the local Curling Rink and an agriculture based charity!

How do you speak up for Canadian ag?

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