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Sharpe’s Soil Services Ltd. – Learn AG program

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Even in the rural, agriculture-based communities it’s surprising how much disconnect is arising from farm to fork.  Just imagine what’s happening in the urban centres! The fundamentals of how your food is grown seems to be getting lost in the shuffle, despite the valiant efforts of agriculture producers and ag awareness groups.

We at Sharpe’s Soil Services Ltd. have wholeheartedly joined the ag awareness movement, targeting the future generation: our youth! We’ve created Learn AG – a learning platform to deliver hands-on ag education to students in our local communities.

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Our role is to co-ordinate logistics, teacher support, inspire students and ag programs in our local schools! Learn AG is a joint effort between Sharpe’s, teachers, the provincial “Ag in the Classroom” program and local and provincial agri-business partners.

Learn AG came to life in conjunction with a local CROP FOR COMMUNITY in Langenburg, Sask! Local producer Spruce Lane Ag Ventures dedicated a 45-acre field to Learn AG for student field trips throughout the year. The spring field trip involved all the students from pre-kindergarten to grade 12… 355 KIDS IN TOTAL!  

The day consisted of 10 different learning stations and a live seeding demo, complete with seed/fertilizer fill with our Sharpe’s agronomist providing the commentary from the field. The learning stations taught students about canola seed development, fertility, why we spray, the economics of growing 45 acres of canola, health benefits of canola oil, ag awareness facts, seeds of Saskatchewan, uses for crop byproducts, powerzone mapping and soil testing.

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Hands-on learning about the science behind agriculture – MISSION ACCOMPLISHED!

Phase II will consist of a harvest field trip to the same canola field. Sharpe’s will also create a photo/video documentary on the 45 ac canola crop from start to finish so the students are able to fully understand all the operations involved in growing the crop.

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Another local producer has stepped forward to provide crop land adjacent to the school’s back yard for more Learn AG 2016! Potential exists to educate the students on different crops, and a chance to direct proceeds back into the school/community/global projects. One of the ideas I’ve heard is a school garden program!

Beyond that, we plan to arrange more field trips to educate students on other local agri-business including beef, dairy, honey and canola processing.

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Phase II will also extend to surrounding communities as Sharpe’s has branches in 6 locations. Sharpe’s will continue to work with crop and livestock ag producers, our local communities, ag industry and provincial agri-business learning partners to provide more awesome Learn AG opportunities!

The Sharpe’s Team – “Partners in Learning!”

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