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Proud to Be Working in Agriculture

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Prior to entering the agriculture industry my experience was focused on water treatment in the oil and gas sector. My focus changed when I realized that I could bring that experience to a growing industry that has the daunting challenge of feeding our growing population, and was largely reliant on water.

Agriculture touches our lives in so many ways and I am pleased to be involved in it. I have enjoyed the personal connection of working in the agriculture industry. I admire the farmer’s ownership over what they do and their dedication to the animals. It is interesting to hear their ideas and opinions; it helps us determine how we could best improve the lives of the farmers we work for. One thing for certain, agriculture is full of innovation! It is exciting to see the ongoing changes occurring in the way milk and animal production occurs and I am sure we will see many great innovations to come. Recycling and reusing are core values of agriculture. We admire farmers’ commitment to the environment and the way they continuously adapt to ongoing environmental challenges.

We’re passionate about agriculture and we support farmers in their important roles of feeding a growing nation. We want to provide environmentally friendly and cost effective technology to ensure our land and water is available for future generations to enjoy. Most importantly we want to thank farmers for all of their hard work!

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