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My first experience of truly feeling AG Proud

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I’d like to share my first experience of truly feeling AG Proud!

I live & work on my family’s poultry farm (turkey) in Ontario. We just shipped out our final flock of the year and I’m feeling proud. Now that I finally sat down and had some time to reflect on the past eight months, this is how I feel:

What a feeling! I can’t even describe it. There are no words. I can actually say that I had a hand in helping raise flock 1 & 2 this year – from when they came in at just one day old on one little truck, to being moved to grow out barns. Within 14 weeks they were being shipped out on six transports. It sure was something to watch them grow. What a wonderful feeling being able to do something you’re passionate about. Go feed the province my little Toms. I’m going to miss going out to the barn and being followed around by you. I’m feeling full of pride and I’m AG proud knowing that I helped to feed a few more people in this world!

How do you speak up for Canadian ag?

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