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I Love Agriculture

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Agriculture is a big word for me. Growing up I didn’t even know what it meant. I grew up in a small town helping my parents with our many big gardens. Planting, weeding, hoeing, pickling, freezing vegetables – that’s what I knew.

Farming… Agriculture, what did that mean? Well, I married a dairy farmer and that started my education on farming. Then I got into agriculture and my education really started.

I didn’t know anything. I knew nothing about crop nutrients, crop protection, types of hay, grain, feed, anhydrous ammonia, Avadex, impregnation. What was this foreign language? Agrologist, soil test, better yields, crop science??

So many things have changed in the past 20 years in agriculture. It has become a major industry and a highly respected profession. Technology, plant breeding, and innovation have made huge progress. This industry has now opened its doors to many people, whether they’re young, old, male, or female. It is a wonderful business. The people who work in this industry are caring and friendly; they want to see that healthy, nutritious food is grown to provide good health and nutrition to both the people and the land.

One in eight Canadians are employed in the agriculture industry in Canada. You don’t have to be a farmer to be involved in agriculture. You could be in banking, science, marketing, international trade, importing, exporting, software development, accounting, business management, data analysis, or technology. You could be a leader in this industry!

When I started in this business, I was one of less than half a dozen women in agriculture retail. When I was able to buy into the company I worked for, I believe I was the first woman in Western Canada to own a fertilizer retail that wasn’t a husband and wife venture. This may still hold true today. I went from working half days for six weeks to becoming an owner and the president of our company.

You can become anything you like; agriculture offers it all. Use your imagination!

The opportunities agriculture has and continues to provide are amazing. That is why I love agriculture!

How do you speak up for Canadian ag?

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