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For Love of the Land

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Elaine and Marvin Gill

Saskatoons in bloom

Agriculture is genetic. There’s no doubt that the love of the land is passed down from generation to generation.

Agriculture is also mutative. The approach to it may change from generation to generation, but the love for it abides.

Our four sets of grandparents homesteaded the Saskatchewan prairies over 100 years ago, and we are still farming today, albeit in an agriculture that our grandparents would hardly recognize. We planted our orchards of berries in 1998 on a farm south of Strathmore, Alberta, and in 2005 we started Alberta’s first cottage winery. Our saskatoon berries, raspberries, strawberries and wild black cherries are harvested each year and processed into delicious fruit wines, right here on the farm.

Our grandparents were so proud of their fields and their crops, and so are we.

And although they are not here to witness it, we hope they’d be proud of us, too, carrying their values and their love for agriculture into the next generation.

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