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    Nutrien is invested in agriculture from ground to grower – producing crop inputs & operating the largest Ag retail distribution/services network in the world. With a focus on sustainability, Nutrien strives to improve the communities in which it operates through safety, education, environmental improvement and new technologies such as the development of precision agriculture and controlled release nutrient products.

Educating Employees about the Ag Industry

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Learn what Nutrien is doing to educate employees about the importance of agriculture and their role within the industry.

Nutrien is part of the Agribusiness industry, but that doesn’t mean that all employees are required to have an ag background or that they are up-to-date on current issues. In light of that, Nutrien has decided to provide fun and engaging opportunities to teach employees more about agriculture, and why it is so important.

For the first time, Nutrien celebrated Canada’s Agriculture Day at their corporate headquarters in Calgary, Alberta earlier this year. The celebration consisted of a free lunch that encouraged employees to have candid conversations about Canadian agriculture and how they, as individuals, contribute to the industry. Over 150 employees attended the lunch celebration on February 16.

In July, Nutrien organized a “CPS Farm Tour” to provide employees with the opportunity to explore crop demonstration plots at a Research, Development, and Innovation site operated by Crop Production Services (CPS) – part of Nutrien’s Retail Business Unit – and to visit a CPS Retail location in Didsbury, Alberta.

At the CPS Research, Development and Innovation site, the 50 attendees were split into an entry-level and intermediate group, and rotated through a series of plot stations, each covering a different topic. One of the topics covered by the host agronomists included addressing GMOs, discussing best management practices used on farms and Agrium’s role in feeding the world responsibly.

An employee survey was conducted afterwards and one comment was made that, “This was a great day and very good tour! I would attend again and recommend that every employee should attend this at some point.”

Because the feedback from the tour was overwhelmingly positive, Nutrien is looking for new ways to educate employees about agriculture on a regular basis. One idea that Nutrien is considering is hosting a monthly “lunch and learn” for employees. Employees would bring their lunch and listen to an industry expert speak on that month’s agriculture-related topic. Hot topics, such as pesticides and bees or hormones in beef, will be a key focus of the lunch and learn sessions, as it is important to provide employees with the facts on topics that are widely misconstrued or surrounded by a negative social stigma.

In business, you can’t expect every employee to be a content expert on every subject. Agribusiness is no exception, so Nutrien has decided to do something about it. By sharing facts and opening up the discussion, Nutrien aims to provide employees with a better understanding of the importance of agriculture, and also add value to their role within the industry.

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