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Did you grow up on the farm? This story might ring true.

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If you grew up on the farm, chances are you spent a great deal of time riding in the tractor cab with your dad, like I did. It was the agricultural version of daycare; you could call it “farmcare.” I can recall being small enough to have my afternoon naps on that little bench behind the cab chair (the one with the greasy toolbox shoved in the corner), and if I was up and observing the vast field ahead, my dad would have to hold my head so it wouldn’t thump against the window every time he shifted gears. Ah, the good life! Today, my nieces and nephew enjoy a similar upbringing on the farm though with more supersized, sophisticated equipment around the yard that runs on computers to reflect the larger scale of ag today. Like his dad at a young age, my nephew relishes the opportunity to steer the tractor in the field. Isn’t it a testament to advancement of agriculture when he finds himself pleading for his turn to drive instead of the tractor’s auto-steer. I believe the quote was: “Dad, it’s my turn to drive, the tractor has already had its turn!”

How do you speak up for Canadian ag?

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