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City kids can be farmers too

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I grew up in rural Saskatchewan and although I’m now raising two “city” kids, I’m fortunate that we still have that connection to the farm. My kids love visiting their grandparents where they can help out with chores, have freedom to run and explore, and experience the circle of life in all of its joy and tragedy. They even have their own cow and love riding out on the quad with nana and papa to check her during calving season, picking her out from the herd by the big H on her ear tag. At five and three, my children have watched as calves were born and chicks pecked their way out of eggs. They’ve also seen the other side of life – the calves that didn’t make it, the chickens that were butchered. I hope these experiences will teach my kids to respect life and help them build a connection to the food they eat. My daughter tells people that she’s going to be a farmer – in fact, that she already is a farmer because she has her own cow. For years, we’ve heard about rural kids leaving the farm for work in the city. I’m one of them, but it makes me happy to know that the connections my children are making now may one day lead two “city” kids back to the farm.


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