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    A kid that grew up in the city and knew nothing about farms. Will own my own farm one day and learning fast! Answering questions from my city friends.

Before the plate

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As a kid growing up in the city, it’s pretty safe to say I knew nothing about agriculture. But I knew one day I wanted to start a farm. Following that dream, I am now a student at the University of Guelph studying Agricultural Business and learning as much as I can from my classmates – most of which live on farms. While going through this steep learning process and talking with my friends back home, I quickly realized the people I grew up with will never get the opportunity to learn about where their food comes from and what happens on the average Canadian farm. I started spending more time on farms and with farmers and I was astounded at the gap in public perception between how most people think their food is grown compared to what was actually happening on farms. Growing up I would hear myths about corporations taking over the food industry and farmers getting thrown in jail for patent issues with seeds. It wasn’t until I started seeing all of these farms that it quickly became apparent to me that this was not the case. That’s when I decided to start sharing my farm experiences with my friends through an Instagram account called @BeforeThePlate. My account exhibits all different aspects of the food industry and how the food we eat ends up on our plate. I’m very fortunate to have a close childhood friend of mine who’s currently a film student involved in the project. We’ve started to interview farmers to create a documentary that will hopefully be launching in early 2017.

You can check out and follow @BeforeThePlate on Instagram to stay updated on the progress of the documentary.


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