What’s next for agvocacy in Canada?

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You spoke and we’re listening

In April, we invited you to participate in a survey to gauge how well we’re helping you share your story. The response was fantastic. We now have a clearer picture of your needs and opportunities for Agriculture More Than Ever to support you as you participate in the food conversation.

What you told us

  • You are satisfied with our monthly emails.
  • Almost all of you have used an agvocate resource, with clothing being the most popular.
  • You’re using social media to talk to people, both inside and outside of the industry, about your ag story.
  • Our blog posts appear to be the most useful to you.
  • The biggest barriers to agvocating are time and confidence.
  • The most common questions you receive from the public are about food safety.

What we’re going to do

  • Continue to be a resource for the industry.
  • Support you in sharing your story with confidence and help connect you with other agvocates and consumers.
  • Amplify and share more examples of what others are doing so you can learn from each other.
  • Create opportunities for you to be the face and voice of agriculture and help identify ways to reach consumers.
  • Create “talking tips” to help with in-person conversations and update our infographics to be relevant to consumers, too.

Our request of you 

Continue to engage with the public about Canadian agriculture and food. We have your back, and so do over 4,000 other agvocates who have joined the cause and formally committed to speaking up and sharing their story. Let us know what you’re up to so we can help to amplify it and share ideas with us on how we can help. We’re always looking for new ways to support you.

Actively listen to what consumers are saying to you. The better we understand the concerns of the public, the better we can equip ourselves to improve perceptions, foster confidence in the food we produce, encourage others to pursue careers in ag and invest in our industry.

Keep letting us know how we’re doing. Have you used a resource that really hit the mark? Are there information gaps we can help you fill? Do you have agvocacy tips or ideas you’d like to share? Email us.

Thank you for continuing to be a positive voice for the industry!

The Ag More Than Ever Team

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