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Spring is a great time of year. New opportunities and possibilities are all around us.

And, by increasing your knowledge of different sectors in ag, you can help keep that positive momentum going all year.

While we’re all experts in our own fields, there is great value in learning about the key issues and successes in a wide variety of sectors including:

  • Growing your knowledge, learn something new, and apply it to your operation
  • Increasing your confidence in adding your voice to the conversation

As Kelly Daynard, Communications Manager from Farm and Food Care Ontario puts it, we all have to speak up for each other if our voice is going to be heard.

“We are so small in agriculture that we can’t afford to put the blame on, or take sides on, things like organic versus conventional, or beef versus dairy,” said Daynard in her recent Ag More Than Ever webinar. “We’re all in this together and it’s important we all sit on the same team during our discussions with the public.”

Valuable Resources Available

To help you learn more about other sectors and issues, there are some great resources available.  Farm and Food Care’s website,  is full of interesting, basic information about all the different types of food production across Canada.

Encourage Others to Join the Conversation

In the spirit of expanding your horizons this spring, why not encourage your family and friends to sign up as agvocates. The more voices we add to the cause, the better chance we have to change perceptions.

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