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Almost everyone in agriculture has found themselves in a negative conversation.

Perhaps it was an off-handed comment about someone not wanting their kids to go into ag, or a conversation focused on all the years that the weather wasn’t our friend – these conversations become a habit that, if left unchecked, can paint the wrong picture of our industry.

Like any business, there are challenges in ag that shouldn’t be ignored. But we can address them responsibly and be deliberate about breaking any habits that might keep us focused on the negative.

As agvocates, we’re committed to telling the real, positive story of Canadian ag. But how do we shift a negative ag conversation with friends, family or critics in a more positive direction? Here are some tips to consider:

• Remind them of the great things going on in agriculture and the things they wouldn’t change for the world. If you know them well, use examples from their life and share your own experiences.
• Lead by example – by changing how you speak, you can show others how they can champion the industry in a realistic and helpful way.
• Be responsible and sensitive. When people are going through a hard time they aren’t looking for a cheerleader – they need to know that you get where they’re coming from. Just be aware when a conversation goes from working through issues to a pattern of negativity.

This isn’t about painting a false image about what we do – it’s about being deliberate in promoting the positive things in ag and not focusing solely on the challenges. In doing so, we can help others see the potential our industry has to offer.

Have you turned an ag conversation from the negative to the positive? Share your story with us and it could be featured on our website as an agvocate profile!

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