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The results are in

The Canadian Centre for Food Integrity (CCFI) released its 2017 Public Trust research in September. CCFI was looking to better understand public attitudes about Canadian food, agriculture and the food system; study key consumer influencer groups; and understand expectations for transparency within the food system.

Here are three key insights and what they mean for agvocates:

Rising costs and keeping healthy food affordable is a big deal to consumers 

This may be surprising to some, because we often think that food safety, the environment, and animal treatment are most important to consumers. Although these concerns are important, the research shows that the top concern across all segments relates to the affordability of food.

What does this mean for agvocates?

Our challenge when communicating is to focus on what consumers care about instead of what we think they care about. The next time you communicate about ag, frame how the decisions made on the farm or in your business contribute to keeping the cost of healthy food affordable for Canadians. To be most effective, be transparent and heartfelt, but not condescending.

Not all consumers are the same

The CCFI surveyed moms, millennials, foodies and early adopters as influencers when it comes to perceptions and attitudes about the food system. Each of these segments has their own particular opinions and concerns about food. And every consumer within each of these segments is unique.

What does this mean for agvocates?

The next time you communicate about ag practices and food production, think about your audience. What are they interested in knowing? When in doubt, be curious and ask them. Then, frame your story with them in mind.  How can you make the consumer the hero of your story?

It’s up to all of us 

According to the Public Trust research, Canadian consumers feel it’s up to a number of groups within the food system to provide transparent information.

What does this mean for agvocates?

Think about your role in food production. Are you a farmer? A food processor? A supplier to the industry? Consider your own experience and expertise and how you can help a consumer access accurate answers to their questions about food. Keeping this in mind will help you earn trust and establish yourself as a credible source of information. Don’t forget to speak from the heart.

Get an in-depth look at the research results.
Check out highlights of the CCFI Public Trust Summit.

Thanks for continuing to be a positive voice for Canadian agriculture and food.

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