How one agvocate changed a food conversation

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You’re somebody who can do something.

Have you ever seen food advertising or labelling that made you cringe, then felt helpless as you wondered if somebody could correct the misleading message? Here’s good news: you’re somebody! And so is Angela Jones.

Meet Angela Jones: Agvocate, Blogger and Canned Tuna Aficionado

Angela and her family grow cereal, oilseed and pulse crops, as well as raise bison on their farm in northeast Saskatchewan. On top of her busy farming career, Angela is a blogger and mother to two teenage sons.

One day, Angela saw a TV ad for Clover Leaf and its non-GMO tuna. “That’s odd,” she thought. “There’s no such thing as a GMO tuna.” Effective agvocate that she is, Angela went straight to social media to politely tell Clover Leaf that she wouldn’t support a product with a misleading claim.

Her voice changed the food conversation

Clover Leaf replied to Angela, and explained that her comment got the company to think more about the message they were sending to consumers. In the end, their respectful conversation led Clover Leaf to discontinue non-GMO labels. This is the second time Angela has seen success in reaching out to a food company about misleading labelling.

If you’ve ever wondered if one person can make a difference, Angela shows that it’s more than possible: it’s what agvocates do at their best. Go ahead and have those polite, evidence-based conversations about food. You’re somebody whose voice matters.

Thanks for being a part of the conversation.

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