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When the going gets tough, the tough share ag’s real, positive story.

Have you ever heard of that saying? Yeah. We haven’t either. But when we see a chance to set the record straight on agriculture, it’s more important than ever to take it.
In our third webinar, Andrew Campbell provides valuable insight into how to deal with some of the not-so-positive dialogue out there and with online trolls who are sometimes part of the conversation. The presentation includes tips on how to:

  • Use the conversation to provide additional value to consumers
  • Choose if, when and how to address negative or false dialogue
  • Provide an authentic, transparent look at your everyday world
  • Use social media as an avenue to answer consumer questions/concerns in a positive way
  • Move beyond social media – to public events or classrooms – to be part of the conversation
  • Proactively develop positive responses to common questions about ag
  • Connect with consumers, and find a ways to relate to non-farm people
  • Do one act of agvocacy, once a week

It’s not always easy, but it’s important – and everyone can do it. Watch the archived webinar now to feel more confident and prepared to be a stronger voice for Canadian agriculture.
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