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If you’ve looked at Twitter the past couple months, you’ve likely noticed a lot of great farm photos being posted by producers across the country using #Farm365.

Created by Ontario dairy and crop producer Andrew Campbell, #Farm365 is all about opening our barn doors and farm gates to the public, and sharing photos and stories of what’s really happening in agriculture. What started out as one person sharing one photo a day has turned into hundreds of people across Canada and even around the world posting their own images using the same hashtag.

While the support has been great, #Farm365 has also attracted the interest of activists who have attempted to take over the hashtag by flooding the feed with negative and false information about agriculture.

While the positive, real stories are still shining through, more agvocate voices are needed to drown out the negativity. Just think of the message it would send if hundreds of thousands of farmers and individuals working in ag from across the world piled on their supportive tweets. We can truly improve perceptions of the industry we all love.

Let’s make it happen. Add your pictures and stories to your favorite social media channel using #Farm365 as well as #AgMoreThanEver. Do it right now. It’s easy. It’s simple. And it’s powerful.

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