9 tricks for making the best agvocate videos

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Create a short video to share your growing season story

People love videos. Love ’em. As an agvocate, you can connect with more people on social media with a video. And it doesn’t have to be complicated. In fact, the simpler the better. Just tell your story. Let people see the moments of your growing season. Use your smartphone or GoPro and follow these tips:

  • Shoot horizontally, just like your TV. Keeping all your footage consistent will make it easier for your viewers to watch.
  • Shoot HD. Most smartphones default to the highest definition possible, but make sure your video quality is the best it can be by double-checking your settings.
  • Use the camera on the back of your phone. The camera on the back of your phone shoots higher quality video. Have someone film you or try filming yourself by hand or selfie stick and see how it looks.
  • Be selective with your locations. Choose locations that say something about you, your operation or where you live. If you’re speaking, minimize competing noise and don’t be too far away from the camera.
  • Watch your timing. Begin recording three to five seconds before speaking or before the action starts. Keep recording for a few seconds after you’ve captured what you need. This will give you room to work with your clips when you’re editing.
  • Add some clips with flavour! Think about footage showing off what you love about your operation, your lifestyle, where you live and that will interest someone who’s not familiar with farming. Zooms and pans of these clips will add to the quality.
  • Turn it up! If there’s background noise, raise your voice while keeping the tone friendly.
  • Have fun and smile! Being an agvocate means being authentic. Try smiling before you shoot – it keeps your tone warm and friendly, even if the content is more serious.
  • Look and listen. Watch what you’ve filmed after each take (preferably with headphones). Make sure you got it, loud and clear.

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