3 ways you can agvocate in person

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Be social outside of social media

Let’s be honest: social media is popular for a reason. It makes a powerful impact. As agvocates, we use it all the time to tell the story of Canadian ag and food. But what about the other opportunities to tell our story? When you communicate face to face, it doesn’t generate any clicks, but it can have a powerful influence on who you’re talking to. How can you make the most of communicating in person?

Here are some opportunities to consider:

  • At your next community event. Whether it’s a fall supper, sports event or holiday party, opportunities to share our food story happen all the time. It’s up to us to seize the right moment, preferably over a delicious meal.
  • On vacation. On the plane, in a restaurant or even waiting in line, the usual “So, what do you do for a living?” icebreaker is the perfect time to demonstrate our passion for agriculture and how it relates to feeding our collective families.
  • At the grocery store. Have you ever noticed someone buying food that you grow on your farm? Even though that particular item may not come directly from your farm, have you thanked the shopper for supporting families like yours?

Face to face conversations make a difference

Never underestimate the impact of a short but meaningful conversation about ag with one person. This will leave a lasting impression and serve as a powerful reminder that there are smart, caring and passionate people behind our food.

Thanks for being a part of the conversation.

The Ag More Than Ever Team

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