3 easy summertime ideas for your farm and food conversations

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Make the most of your agvocate opportunities this summer

Don’t you just love summer? We get warmer weather, start seeing the rewards of our seeding and planting plans, and hopefully have time with family and friends. You can also look forward to watching Before the Plate, a film about the people behind our food. It gets released in August. And be sure to celebrate Food Day Canada on August 4.

Another great thing about summer? It’s a fantastic time to strike up a conversation about the role you play in food production. We’ve cooked up three easy ideas to inspire your agvocacy this season:

  1. Get cooking! Fire up the BBQ, bond with your kids in the kitchen and be inspired by the ingredients you have a hand in producing. (Canadian farmers serve up some world-class ingredients.) Don’t forget to share your photos and stories on your social channels, too. Check out CropLife Canada’s excellent new recipe book, From Farm to Food, to get you started.
  2. Season your conversations with your ag and food story. You’ll find opportunities to talk about your role in the food industry everywhere: around the campfire, at a neighbourhood BBQ, or visiting a tourist attraction. Take advantage of these opportunities to share your story with authenticity and confidence.
  3. Go beyond your ag circles. To make an impact outside of our industry, specifically seek out ag and food conversations externally. Connect with your non-ag “tribe,” take part in #FoodDayCanada by sharing your Canadian ag perspective, use mainstream hashtags to connect with a wider audience on social media.

Let us know how you’re adding a dash of Canadian ag to the world this summer. Send us an email, tag us, or add #AgMoreThanEver on social media.

Thanks for being a part of the conversation.
The Ag More Than Ever team

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